EXCLUSIVE: See 'Property Brothers' Drew and Jonathan Scott in First-Ever Music Video

ET has your exclusive first look at the duo's debut music video, "Hold On."

The Property Brothers have gone country!

Twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, best known from their home renovation shows on HGTV, released their first-ever music video titled "Hold On" exclusively to ET on Thursday.

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In the video, the duo -- who musically go by the name, The Scott Brothers -- look cool and casual as they sweetly sing the heartwarming lyrics from the inside of a homestead barn in Nashville, Tennessee.

Ahead of the release, ET chatted with Drew and Jonathan, where they opened up about the making of the video, what inspired the song and why they decided to dip their toes into the world of country music.

"We grew up on a ranch, spending almost every other day sitting around a camp fire, strumming songs on the guitar, singing songs with our parents," Drew reflects on his and Jonathan's childhood in Maple Ridge, Canada. "This past year, we were shooting Property Brothers: At Home on The Ranch, where we went back to our roots to renovate a friend's property in the Rockies. While we were doing this, we were talking with a producer and singer-songwriter from Nashville, and we said, 'You know, while we're doing this show, we should write a song and pay tribute to how we grew up.'"

That singer-songwriter happened to be Victoria Shaw, who has worked with artists like Garth Brooks and Lady Antebellum. They also teamed up with songwriter Chad Carlson, who helped bring their vision for the song and music video to life.

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"We're always on the road [filming for our show] and always away from home," Drew and Jonathan explain. "It really makes a difference when you're getting to spend that time with family. For us, it was most recently for Christmas. When you get to spend that time with family, it means so much more. So that's what we wanted the song to be about. When we were writing it, it just sort of rolled off the tongue, and we were already envisioning what the music video would look like."

While the brothers have a good amount of camera time in the video, the main focus is on the importance of family, as seen by the big smiles on the faces of a mother and her children welcoming their beloved soldier home from the military.

"I think the story really does resonate with a lot of different people," Drew explains. "We wanted to give something that any family, or any person that travels, can relate to."

The guys tell ET that the music video took about two and a half days to film, starting at about 3 a.m. to catch the sunrise for the scenic shots.

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"We got these beautiful shots in the homestead of a barn that was overlooking the ranch house, but in order to get the perfect timing, we had to make sure that not only were we there for sun up, but we also had to be there for sun down," Jonathan shares. "That was the biggest challenge while filming."

In addition to "Hold On," the duo has already released a second track titled "Let the Night Shine In."

"We locked ourselves in a New York City apartment for two days and wrote both songs," Jonathan explains. "Two weeks later we were down in Nashville recording them. It was pretty impressive."

So can fans expect a full album soon? According to the brothers, all signs point to yes!

"We actually already shot that music video, too," they spill. "That one we'll be releasing very soon, in about a month. We're efficiency experts!"

"The thing is, with our schedule, we shoot a lot of shows, we have a furniture line and we're releasing our first book [Dream Home: The Property Brothers' Ultimate Guide to Finding and Fixing Your Perfect House], so we don't sleep," Drew continues, laughing. "I think we've decided we're going to see how our fans like our music -- it seems like they're loving it so far -- and if they continue to like it, we'll do more songs and when we get a little more time in our schedule, maybe we'll look at touring."

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While no full tour is scheduled just yet, they do have plans for a few pop-up performances, and encourage their fans to keep an eye on their social media accounts (@MrSilverScott and @MrDrewScott on Twitter and Instagram) for updates on those shows.

In the meantime, press play on the video below to see exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the set of their music video.