EXCLUSIVE: DJ Khaled Explains How He Got Lost at Sea and Became a Snapchat Phenomenon

Major key alert! ET is one-on-one with DJ Khaled.

Major Key alert! DJ Khaled is spilling all in a new interview with ET.

Hitting the red carpet at EA Sports' Madden party over Super Bowl weekend, Khaled relived that time he got lost at sea (for real!) and opened up about why people are so obsessed with his wildly popular Snapchat account.

"It was an experience of something I would never do again," Khaled said, referring to a terrifying jet ski ride in December when he lost his way after dark (and Snapchatted the whole thing, natch).

"At the end of the day, I understand that life has road blocks and life is like school -- you'll be tested, we gotta pass it," he mused. "I had to pass this test, you know what I mean. And I passed it!"

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To hear the entire story, in his own words, watch the video above. (We could transcribe it for you here, but it wouldn't do his storytelling justice. Trust us.)

The jet ski story is just one example of Khaled's fascinating Snapchat prowess, which has become something of an unprecedented phenomenon on the app. Through real-time videos and images, Khaled shares his "keys to success" -- and has gained millions of followers along the way.

"Look, I'm a sex symbol!" he declared. "I look good! Nah, you know what I'm saying, it's just me being me. If you go back 10 years from now and pull up anything from my music or my interviews or anything, it's always been me cloth talkin', giving you the keys. Inspiring myself, but at the same time, I'm inspiring other people -- and at the same time, I have a different language and a talk that I describe real life situations.

"I feel like people can relate to me because we all go through wins and roadblocks and passion and pain and it's a vibe," he explained. "I've been blessed to be somebody that's been climbing that success mountain top for years of hard work, you know, but now it's all connecting. And now, the whole world is watching, you know what I'm saying, and it feels good 'cause it's good energy. This is all positive vibes, and good vibes and good energy, so it feels incredible."

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Part of the fun of watching Khaled's snaps is that you never know which celeb just might pop up. Among our recent favorites: Kim Kardashian.

"Kim, she's great, she a boss!" Khaled gushed. "I respect her 'cause she know how to get that money. At the same time, she a boss and she's married to my brother, and that's Kanye West. She's good people."

But there's still one person that has yet to make a cameo on Khaled's snap: President Barack Obama.

"I wish he could continue being president forever," Khaled said. "I would like to pull that off, me and Obama [on Snapchat]."

For more on Khaled's major keys to social media success, watch the video below.

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