Demi Lovato Goes Makeup-Free for Wilmer Valderrama on Adorable Date Night

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Demi Lovato knows there’s nothing wrong with being confident, especially when your man likes you just the way you are!

The singer snapped an adorable date night shot of she and boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama out to dinner on Monday, and what’s more, she went out au natural.

“I'm SO IN LOVE WITH THIS MAN,” Lovato captioned the pic. “I went makeup free on a super romantic date we had because that's when he thinks I'm the prettiest.... ???.”

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The 23-year-old singer shared the “silly/makeup free moment” in honor of #NoMakeupMonday and Valentine’s Day, encouraging her fan to be comfortable in their own skin, but it was Valderrama who replied adorably on Twitter.

“Oh GREAT now everyone knows what I look like without makeup THANKS @ddlovato!!!” he wrote back.

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Things were decidedly less warm and fuzzy for Lovato on Tuesday, however, when she took some heat after posing with a puppy in what appeared to be a fur throw.

“Hope that's not really fur,” one follower wrote. “Killing for vanity is not cool, darling.”

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