Morgan Freeman Is the New Voice of GPS as Well as Hillary Clinton's New Campaign Ad

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He’s played God, narrated penguins, and driven Miss Daisy, and now, Morgan Freeman could be leading you to safety sometime soon as he’s the new voice of GPS.

Freeman has been added to Google’s free navigation app, Waze. The Oscar-winning actor is teaming up with the app to promote his new action flick, London Has Fallen. Fans who download the app and select Freeman’s voice will be addressed as if they were the U.S. President and he was leading them to safety.

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Freeman’s voice isn’t the only one available on Waze. Users can also listen to directions from Celebrity Apprentice host Arnold Schwarzenegger and Terry Crews.

And that’s not the only way the stage and screen veteran is using his rich, soothing tones. Freeman also narrates Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign ad. The spot, titled “Stand,” highlights the presidential hopeful’s support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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“She says their names -- Treyvon Martin, Dontre Hamilton, Sandra Bland -- and make their mothers’ fight for justice her own,” Freeman narrates. “And stands with the President against those who would undo his achievements, just like she’s always stood with us.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Freeman also narrated the one-hour Jesse Owens Documentary on NBC, which premiered on Valentine’s Day – More Than Gold: Jesse Owens and the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Freeman was also recently called upon by President Barack Obama to help him design his presidential library.

“He wants it not to be just some stayed building that people go into and see the history of his presidency,” Freeman told ET. “He wants it to be something greater than that, so he’s asked all these people to give input.”