Zachary Quinto Remembers Leonard Nimoy One Year After His Death: 'I Really Miss Him So Much'


Gone but never forgotten. Almost one year after the death of Leonard Nimoy, the legendary Star Trek actor is still being remembered by those whose lives he touched.

“We actually lost Leonard a year ago on the 27th of this month, so much love to him and his family, of course, always,” actor Zachary Quinto said during an appearance on The Late Show on Wednesday night.

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Quinto plays Spock -- a role that Nimoy made iconic -- in the rebooted Star Trek film franchise. In the first two films of the series, Quinto got the opportunity to work with the seasoned actor.

“I’ve never met somebody, actually, who fully embodied a sense of fulfillment in their life,” Quinto said of his co-star and friend. “I really haven’t. He was such a tremendous artist, philanthropist, and generous person and so intelligent. I miss him all the time. I really miss him so much at this point, obviously, marking the anniversary of his passing.”

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Quinto, who is currently starring in the Off-Broadway play, Smokefall, will reprise the role of Spock in Star Trek Beyond, which hits theaters on July 22.

“[Knowing Nimoy] was one of the greatest gifts my career has brought into my personal life, for sure,” Quinto said. “His wife was at our opening night of our play. She came from LA to be there with us. She’s as much a part of my life as he was. I feel very lucky to have known him on so many levels, for sure.”

Following Nimoy’s death last February, Quinto posted an Instagram photo of the actor, writing, “my heart is broken. i love you profoundly my dear friend. and i will miss you everyday. may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

While filming the latest Star Trek film this past summer, Quinto told ET, “There's almost a more spiritual element to it now, for me in my relationship with Leonard, which still very much carries with me in my life.”