EXCLUSIVE: Watch YouTube Sensation GloZell Hilariously Attempt to Find Out Her Baby's Gender on 'Glo All In'

Season two of the comedian's viral series is now streaming on the go90 app.

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Season one left off in December with the news that GloZell’s surrogate, Shawna, was pregnant. In season two, GloZell is desperate to find out whether she’s having a boy or a girl. In ETonline’s first-look trailer, the 43-year-old reveals she’s consulted a psychic, and tests out a bunch of old wives’ tales, all in hopes of figuring it out before her doctor can tell her.

The star learns her baby’s gender soon -- in the preview, we see her beating a piñata to finally find out the secret. Catch the big reveal for yourself by watching new episodes of Glo All In every Wednesday on the go90 mobile app, or on Awestruck’s YouTube channel.

When ETonline last caught up with GloZell, she had just found out that she was expecting -- but seemed to be predicting a girl.

“I'm gonna need a whole lot of help!” Glozell said. “So, I'm gonna read some books or something. All I know is, if it's a girl, it's gonna have green lipstick. And I hear that babies gotta eat every day, all the time ... so I have to learn some more stuff. But I'm excited.”

For more from that chat, check out the video below.