Iggy Azalea Is 'Glad' for All the Drama of 2015, But Still Wishes She Could 'Memory-Erase' It

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New year, new Iggy Azalea.

After facing her fair share of public drama in 2015, the 25-year-old rapper is readying a return to the spotlight with a new album and a new outlook. Although, if she had her way, she'd love to block 2015 out of her mind.

"If I could, I would Men in Black memory-erase 2015, I totally would -- that would be amazing!" she told Elle Canada, citing her feuds with Azalea Banks and Papa John's Pizza as two of her biggest regrets. "But in a weird way I’m glad for it all. Because of what happened, there were a lot of friendships that I ended up rekindling and people I started working with again. It made me reflect and change things that I may not have even considered changing before. So, I’m really glad that it all happened.”

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But don't expect to see her snapping selfies with Banks anytime soon.

"I still hate Azalea Banks," she said point blank.

"We don’t like each other on a personal level, and that has gone on for many years -- before the Black Lives Matter incident happened," she explained. "So when I dismissed her, people started to think that I dismissed the whole movement, but I wasn’t trying to dismiss Black Lives Matter -- I was trying to dismiss her because it’s our personal s***. I don’t think the subject matter of her tweet was invalid; I just think it was emotionally charged and driven by something else, and the whole thing got so misconstrued."

Azalea is also speaking out on her own experience with plastic surgery, and why she's calling on others to open up about it too.

“I think, in 2016, people should be more accepting of the fact that both famous and non-famous women are having cosmetic procedures. That’s just the reality," she said. "And I think more people need to admit that s*** so it doesn’t have to be so taboo—because we’re all doing it anyway."

“I wanted to change my nose because I didn’t grow up with a bump on it—that happened when I got smashed in the face with a soccer ball when I was 16. Now I feel like my nose looks the way it’s supposed to look," she said. "I just hope that in 25 years the conversation will shift to where if a woman wants to change her body, all we say is ‘Good for her!’ instead of shaming her for making decisions about her own body.”

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It's a topic that seems to fall perfectly in line with the subject matter of her upcoming album, Digital Distortion.

“The album has a bit of an electronic, digital influence, so the name fits sonically. But then, of course, topically, we all know the different things that were said about me in 2015 -- some of them were fair and some of them, I think, were unfair," she explained. "I just think it’s interesting that we live in this age of digital distortion where we’re all distorting each other and distorting ourselves and our perception of who we all are, and none of it is really accurate anymore.”

But if the feel-good "Fancy" vibes are your jam -- not to worry. Azalea promises plenty of upbeat tunes on the LP.

“I wouldn’t say it’s an angry album. It’s still uptempo and fun, but it’s a little more grown-up and moody," she said. "I didn’t want people’s commentary to take me away from the style of music that I make.... There are some ‘F*** yous’ and ‘F*** yeahs,’ but I want people to hear it and feel good.”

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