Joe Jonas' DNCE Covers Rihanna's 'Work' With Retro Calculators, Dial-Up Internet and a Puppy


The pop rock band put their quirky spin on the pop star's dancehall hit.

Joe Jonas and his band, DNCE, have taken Rihanna's "Work" to a whole new level!

On Tuesday, the pop rock band released a much more safe for work video of the catchy single from RiRi's ANTI -- especially compared to the original where she gets up close and personal with Drake.


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In the quirky video, band members Jonas, JinJoo Lee, Cole Whittle and Jack Lawless appear to be at work in a bright and colorful office, using supplies like retro calculators, pencils, staplers and scissors as their instruments.


While the quiet noises created from the staplers and clicks of a computer mouse are easy to miss in the busy background, it's hard not to hear the irksome sounds of dial-up Internet, making us feel like we’re back in the '90s and logging onto AOL all over again.


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Oh, and did we mention there's a puppy?


Watch the full video below.

The band announced the cover on their official Twitter page, writing, "WE LOVE @RIHANNA AND ARE BIG FANS OF WORK. THIS IS OUR COVER. HOPE YOU ENJOY IT."

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Last month, RiRi released not one, but two music videos for "Work." In one of them (which is nothing like DNCE's version!) the 28-year-old singer shows off her sultry dance moves in a Rastafarian-colored mesh dress, even twerking on Drake -- who's featured on the track -- at one point.

Two days later, the duo performed the song on stage for the first time ever at the Brit Awards in London. Press play on the video below to watch their powerhouse performance.