Celebrity Nannies Dish on How Scandals Like NannyGate Begin

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ET talked to insiders with an intimate knowledge of the celebrity nanny world, getting them to dish on how scandals arise.

Former celeb nanny Philippa Christian, Hollywood nanny matchmaker Katie Provinziano and nanny Leah Frand told ET about how a nanny's close relationship with the family can start to create blurred lines in terms of their role in the household.

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"Relationships between nannies and families do often get personal," Provinziano told ET. "You're working in someone's home and it's a very intimate relationship."

Christian, the author of Nanny Confidential, told ET that nanny affair scandals happen more frequently than what gets reported.

"A lot of my nannies and myself know about a nanny who had a baby with a celebrity father who the media don't know about," she said.

Frand has been a nanny for several famous families and she claims to have gotten some indecent proposals from some of her employers.

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"I've gotten every offer you can think of," Frand said, explaining that she's been propositioned by both celebrity moms and dads.

Propositions can come from the nanny's side as well. Susan Sarandon's daughter Eva Amurri Martino described what she called her own almost-NannyGate on her blog Happily Eva After earlier this week.

Martino wrote that her husband Kyle received a so-called accidental text from their nanny that read, "OMG. Girl, did I mention to you how hot and sexy my boss is. I would love to [expletive] his brains out. Hahaha."

Martino says the nanny has since been fired.

While dealing with the parents can be tricky, Christian told ET that caring for the children of celebs is no walk in the park either. For many celebrity children, money is no object, which means they can develop elaborate tastes.

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But when nannies get too close to the children, this can also be the kiss of death for their job if the parents feel they're being overlooked.

"I guess that is just the reality of the job," Christian said. "Every day you go to school and when the bell sounds, the child runs out ready to see you and you are so excited to see them. And one day you just aren't there for them. It's not because you have done anything wrong. It's just because the parents feels as though that child is becoming too close to you and they are getting jealous of the relationship so you can be replaced like that."

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Despite the potential problems that can arise, when nannies get along with their employers it can be beneficial in preventing other scandals from starting. Frand told us about avoiding a potential headline when she says she protected Britney Spears from while being swarmed by paparazzi in Hollywood.

"The paparazzi were trying to get a shot up her dress, so I kind of did a nice back kick," Frand said. "Not anything too hard. He kind of fell back into other paparazzi. I was just like, 'You're pathetic. Let her live her life.'"