Paula Patton Reveals She Has Moved On After Robin Thicke Divorce: 'I Was Very in Love'

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Paula Patton is back out in the dating world.

Nearly a year after officially divorcing Robin Thicke, the 40-year-old actress told ET that she's ready to find love again, but also spoke about a pretty serious relationship she had after ending her 10-year marriage.

"It didn't work out. It was a good time," Patton revealed at the junket for The Perfect Match, which hits theaters Friday. "Yes, I was very in love. ...I am hoping to feel that way soon."

Confessing to being a "next level romantic," the actress says she believes there is a "perfect match" for every person. "It is a beautiful thing to find your partner in crime. It's a great way to live your life," she said. "If you have met your perfect match and it was working, stay with it. Do not give up. Hold onto that because it is special."

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Despite her split from Thicke, Patton is keeping the faith. "I am a nurturing and very passionate person," she said. "I love to love and I believe in love so much. ...No matter what happens, love hurts."

She added, "But it feels amazing, so you got to get back up and give it a go again."

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Patton's advice for seeking out a relationship: "Be vulnerable" and "open your heart."

"You are losing out if you don't give yourself over to it," she continued.

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That being said, Patton does have some new deal breakers of her own, and a big one is pouting. "It is when people check out, turn off their hearts and become cold," she explained. "I guess I wish that everybody was more fearless and just took a jump and took a leap of faith to say 'yes' to love."

The actress also admits that she's not sure what makes a perfect match aside from initial chemistry. "I believe in love at first sight and I believe in that feeling when you go, 'Oh, that's it,'" she touted. "I just know it when I feel it."

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Thicke certainly has moved on in his love life. In December, the 38-year-old singer and his 20-something girlfriend, April Love Geary, heated up Saint Barthélemy, France with their public displays of affection. "Lucky to be in love with my best friend," the bikini-clad model captioned a photo of the two at the time.

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