EXCLUSIVE: YouTube Star GloZell Green Reveals Biggest Fear About Becoming a Mom: I Just Hope the Kid Thinks I'

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GloZell Green is still five months away from becoming a mom -- but it can’t come soon enough.

“A very long time, I’ve wanted to be a mom,” GloZell tells ETonline. “When we started this, we didn’t know how it was going to end up.  I went to the fertility doctor -- one, two, three, four fertility doctors, and now I have a surrogate and everything’s on its way.”

Everything about GloZell’s fertility journey is being documented for her Awestruck docuseries, Glo All In, currently in its second season. The next episode, premiering Wednesday on the go90 app, focuses on the baby’s gender reveal -- something GloZell tells ETonline she was especially anxious for.

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“I’m thinking that a boy would just be easier to take care of, you know?” GloZell says. “You don’t have to worry about the weaves, and the lipsticks, and that kinda stuff.”

While she now knows the baby’s gender, the 43-year-old comedian says she won’t feel relief until the baby is in her arms.

“I’m not watching [my surrogate, Shawna Johnson] every day, all day, and she has her own life,” GloZell confesses. “We did have a scare so, I’m like, OK… to make a long story short, I need to make sure that she’s happy.”

“She has a daughter,” GloZell continues. “I bought 50 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, ‘cause I need that mom to be happy, OK? So, I’ve got Girl Scout cookies coming out the ying-yang.”

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Along with that sense of relief, GloZell says she won’t know what kind of mom she’ll be until the baby arrives, either.

“I thought maybe it would kick in … but it hasn’t yet,” GloZell reveals. “I’m thinking this kid is gonna teach me. Somehow, this child is gonna show me what to do, because I thought maybe I’ll grow up by then, but no. I still just want to play around in my Crocs and tutus, so I don’t know.”

GloZell’s millions of fans would probably be upset if she put away the Crocs and tutus for good -- and so would GloZell.

“Obviously, I’m going to be embarrassing to the kid, there’s just no way not,” GloZell says. “I just hope the kid has a really good sense of humor … My husband’s very serious, he doesn’t find me funny at all, so I’m hoping the kid is like, ‘Mom is hilarious!’ That’d be really great.”

GloZell is spotlighting her sense of humor in the new memoir, Is You Okay?, out June 7.

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“A lot of people want to know just how you got started, they want to know some personal background, so I give it to them,” GloZell shares. “So, any of my exes, just don’t get the book, because I spill the tea, you know? Like the one who left me? Yeah, you in there. My exes, and there’s a lot of them, I do talk about that, and just how I got to this point.”

For now, GloZell isn’t focused on those exes -- just on welcoming a healthy baby, boy or girl.

“I can’t wait to see this kid,” GloZell gushes. “Like, I’m so thankful that you showed up and you’re here, and we went through so much, and very expensive. Right now, my baby is on layaway. I still owe on the kid, just putting that out there.”

Check out the trailer for Glo All In’s second season in the player below.