Jessica Chastain Says Feud With Jennifer Lawrence Is a 'Media Myth That Has to Stop'

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Jessica Chastain wants to set the record straight once again, reiterating that she and Jennifer Lawrence are not in a feud and have never been in a feud, ever.

The Crimson Peak star opened up to Haute Living recently, where she said that the rivalry between her and Lawrence was started by the media "because they were trying to get headlines and get clicks."

Rumors that the stars had some bad blood began after Chastain and Lawrence were both nominated for Best Actress at the 85th Academy Awards in 2013, for their roles in Zero Dark Thirty and Silver Linings Playbook respectively. While the award ultimately went to Lawrence, it was the media narrative that bothered Chastain more.

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"[The media] were trying to fabricate a fake rivalry between Jennifer Lawrence and myself and I immediately came out and said this is a media myth that has to stop," the actress recounted.

"The women I know are not like this," she continued. "I cheer for women to succeed because I know when an actress succeeds that means there’s going to be that many more roles for women because an audience is going to demand it."

The 36-year-old two-time Oscar nominee also praised Lawrence for her editorial on wage inequality, calling it "incredible."

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"I loved her op-ed," Chastain shared. "I was really disappointed after she wrote it that she got criticism. Sometimes people have that attitude where, 'You're an actress making a lot of money, how dare you complain?' We’ve kind of been programmed to be grateful that we’ve gotten this job, so don’t rock the boat. I don’t think that’s fair. Jennifer Lawrence coming out and saying that was really important."

Last year, Chastain used her star power to advocate for greater diversity in Hollywood after winning Critics' Choice Award. Check out the video below to hear the Interstellar star's passionate plea in the video below.

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