'Bachelor' Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell Put Their Relationship to the Test on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

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Ben Higgins and his new fiancée, Lauren Bushnell, sat down for a friendly chat on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the cute couple's burgeoning relationship was put to the test.

Hours after The Bachelor finale aired, Kimmel put Ben and Lauren's feet to the fire with a fun round of trivia called "Fiancé My Name," inspired by The Newlywed Game.

The couple, supposedly competing for a chance at a brand new dinnerware set, were given blank cards where they had to separately write the answers to personal questions that any two people getting married should certainly know.

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While the game wasn't a total embarrassment, let's just say they didn't go home with that dinnerware.

The first question was a gimme: "What is each other's middle name?"

Luckily they both knew the answer. It turns out Ben's middle name is Edward and Lauren's middle name is Grace. How adorable!

The second challenge, which was to name each other's siblings, was really just a challenge for Ben. The former Bachelor is an only child so it wasn't hard to Lauren to write a zero. However, Ben had to dig deep into his memory to successful recall the names of Lauren's three siblings -- Bryant, Brett and Mollie.

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At this point, things seemed on track for the dynamic duo, but the celebration didn't last long. The next challenge was to name each other's mother's maiden names, and their streak came to an abrupt halt.

Higgins tried to be smooth with his answer, guessing "beautiful," while Lauren played the odds and guessed "Smith." Despite their best efforts, neither guess was right.

The results were similar when they were asked to name one of each other's uncles. Ben correctly guessed "John" while Lauren tried her luck at picking a common name out of a hat and went with "Dan." Ben, it turns out, doesn't have an Uncle Dan.

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Lauren was equally stumped when they were asked to name each other's childhood dogs. Ben was right on the money when he recalled Lauren's precious pup was named Tessa, while Lauren couldn't recall that Ben's beloved black lab was named Zoe.

So the newly engaged couple went two for five with some pretty basic questions. Maybe it's a good thing that they're waiting a while to tie the knot.

For more on Ben and Lauren's journey to finding love, check out the video below.