EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Bushnell on Watching Ben Higgins Kiss Other Women on 'The Bachelor': 'It's Not Fun to Watch'

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Winning Bachelor Ben's heart wasn't the hard part for Lauren Bushnell.

Sure, the 25-year-old flight attendant may have received the final rose and a huge Neil Lane diamond ring on Monday night's Bachelor finale. However, the newly engaged gal reveals that watching now-fiance Ben Higgins kiss other women on the show proved to be very difficult.

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“It’s so confusing because here we are weeks out from being engaged and [the] relationship [has progressed] even further [than] when we first got engaged,” Bushnell explained to ET. “I know this happened weeks ago, but you're re-watching it. It's like ‘your cheating on me’ or something…”

“It's not fun to watch your fiancé kissing other women, but it's also something that happened in the past,” she added.

Bushnell wasn’t the only one upset with The Bachelor following the finale. During the couple’s first public appearance on AfterThe Final Rose, Higgins made a comment about his wife-to-be when Chris Harrison asked what he wanted to do now that the show was over.

“You know, honestly for me, I just wanna show her off,” he responded, sending social media into a tailspin, calling the comment sexist.

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Higgins addressed the backlash with ET, noting that “everything’s going to be taken incorrectly at times.”

“She’s a beautiful person who I can’t wait to share my life with and show people that I’m sharing my life with her,” the 27-year-old software salesman said. “I think that's the part that I am most excited for.”

Higgins' proposal on Monday night wasn’t the only surprise for fans of the dating show. Runner-up Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher, who was sent home alone and heartbroken during the finale, was officially named the next Bachelorette!

Many fans were shocked by the decision, but Bushnell “wasn’t surprised” at all when she heard the news that Fletcher would be headlining next time around.

“She's fun and she’s going to have no problem finding a guy," Bushnell said. "Guys are going to be lined up out the door."

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While Higgins told ET that his first conversation with Fletcher after popping the question to Bushnell happened during After The Final Rose, Bushnell says she called her after the show ended.

“Obviously, it’s a weird conversation to have,” Bushnell revealed. “She was always really supportive. So, we discussed things. There were certain things that we didn’t go into great detail or great depth about. I think we just wanted to let each other know that we still have a great level of respect for one another and that didn’t change, no matter what the outcome was.”

“I mean, nothing is weird or anything like that,” she added. “We talk periodically -- here and there -- and catch up with what each other is doing.”

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Now that the show is over, Higgins says that the focus is on the future.

“Lauren and my intentions when we committed to each other was to commit to each other,” he shared. “[To] do whatever it takes to keep that commitment going forever [and] that’s why I think it’ll work. That’s why I have no doubt that it will work.”

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