Erin Andrews Thanks Fans for Their Support After Victory in Nude Video Lawsuit

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Erin Andrews gave her first interview since being awarded $55 million in her civil suit against West End Hotel Partners on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and the sportscaster and Dancing with the Stars co-host was eager to put the ordeal behind her.

“Hey maybe this isn’t the best place to ask you, but may I have a million dollars?” Kimmel asked, cracking a joke about Andrews’ award in the lawsuit related to an incident eight years ago, in which the then-ESPN reporter was secretly videotaped while nude in her hotel room.

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“I don’t have any money,” Andrews laughed it off, thanking her fans for the outpouring of support during her emotional trial.

“This is kind of my come out of hiding [appearance],” she told Kimmel. “I want to thank everybody. There are so many people that actually reached out -- all over the world really -- and were so supportive.”

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Andrews is ready to get back to work on next week’s Dancing With the Stars season premiere and even dished some gossip about season 22 contestant, Geraldo Rivera, who will apparently be poking fun at his infamous 1986 newscast from Al Capone's vault, in which the reporter prempted several hours of live television in order to excavate an ultimately empty vault supposedly belonging to the notorious crime lord.

“I’m not supposed to share this...there will be a vault [in] the season premiere for Geraldo,” Andrews revealed. “A very sexy Edyta [Śliwińska] comes out of it.”

“It would be fun if they shove Geraldo into the vault and locked him in there for the rest of the season,” Kimmel fired back. “And then, reveal at the end of the season how Geraldo is doing, whether he’s survived or not.”

The season 22 premiere of Dancing With the Stars airs Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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