EXCLUSIVE: Why Kaley Cuoco Would Be Terrible at Planning 'Bachelor' Dates

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Diehard Bachelor fan Kaley Cuoco approves of Ben Higgins' final choice!

ET caught up with the 30-year-old Big Bang Theory star at PaleyFest on Wednesday night, where she happily gave her thoughts on Monday night's Bachelor finale. Cuoco, of course, has made no secret about her love for the hit ABC show.

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"I thought it was great!" Cuoco told ET exclusively. "I totally love Lauren B., I think it was a great choice."

"They're obviously an extremely unattractive couple, which is very sad for them," she joked. "Hideously ugly, so they don't have that going for them. But yes, we were really excited. It was a really great finale."

Despite being a huge fan of The Bachelor, Cuoco said she definitely wouldn't be the ideal celebrity to help plan dates on the show, or on its spinoff, The Bachelorette.

"Oh, I don't know if they want me to plan a date," Cuoco smiled. "I'd be like, 'Just sit on the couch, order some takeout, turn on The Bachelor.' I'd want them to watch themselves. It just wouldn't ... It wouldn't be something they'd want to do."

As for what's happening on The Big Bang Theory, Cuoco had a hilarious response when asked about Bernadette (played by Melissa Rauch) being pregnant on the show! It turns out the actress isn’t looking forward to working with babies on the set.

"Oh, God. Maybe she can be pregnant for, like, three seasons, so we can wait, like, a couple years," Cuoco said. "You know, we'll see. Just no dogs, no babies, that's my rule. At home, but not on set. Not at work -- separate, separate."

ET chatted with Cuoco last month at the celebration of the Big Bang Theory's 200th episode, when she talked about the incredible success of the long-running CBS sitcom.

"This is unbelievable," Cuoco shared. "To still be number one, it makes no sense. [We have] amazing writers, an amazing cast and crew of people."

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"This is a dream come true," she added. "You don't ever think you are ever going to get to a point like this, and then when you are here, it is all about gratefulness, so I am thrilled to be here."

Watch the video below to see Cuoco reveal the secret to her killer bod.