Emma Watson Sorts 'Hamilton' Characters Into Hogwarts Houses, Beatboxes With Lin-Manuel Miranda


If American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, what house would he be sorted into? There seems to be a bit of debate amongst Harry Potter’s biggest stars in the wake of Broadway’s smash hit musical, Hamilton.

Actress and activist Emma Watson interviewed Hamilton scribe Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also plays the first Secretary of Treasury in the show, for her HeForShe campaign to promote gender equality. Naturally, the question of sorting the characters from the rap musical came up, and Watson – ever the Hermione – came prepared with a list.

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She logically placed Aaron Burr, the man who shot Alexander Hamilton, in Slytherin, noting he’s “all ambition; he’s Switzerland, waiting on the sidelines.”

Sorting Hamilton into Hogwarts with Emma Watson

I talked to Emma Watson for #HeforShe, but not before sorting Hamilton the Musical characters into Hogwarts houses. Full interview coming up later today!

Posted by Lin-Manuel Miranda on Thursday, 17 March 2016

When it came time to place Hamilton into a house, she was set in her pick for: “Gryffindor, for me he’s all authenticity, all courage.” But Miranda noted that when Watson’s co-star Daniel Radcliffe came to see the show, he had a different answer.

“I said please sort Hamilton into a house, and he said, ‘Ravenclaw, definitely,’” Miranda recalled.

“But why?!” Watson asked, flabbergasted. “I’m going to have to call him about this.”

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Emma Watson, Drop The Beat

And here's a SHORT clip of Emma Watson beatboxing while I freestyle about #HeForShe, if you only have 3 minutes. This was so fun.

Posted by Lin-Manuel Miranda on Thursday, 17 March 2016

Miranda also admitted that when he was writing his record-breaking show, he borrowed from the tale of the boy wizard.

“Structurally I steal a little bit from Harry Potter,” he said. “The opening scene – Hamilton meets Aaron Burr and he says, ‘Aaron Burr, help me I want to be in this world.’ And Burr gives him the opposite advice of who he is. And then he meets his real friends… And it’s exactly Harry Potter meeting Malfoy first, and then seeing his real friends on the train and saying, ‘I like these guys better.’”

After a lengthy discussion about gender, stereotypes, and the inspiration behind Hamilton, Miranda convinced Watson to loosen up a bit and beatbox while he freestyle rapped about gender equality.

“I’m so embarrassed right now. I’m literally the color of a tomato,” Watson said after her attempt.