Gwen Stefani's 2-Year-Old Son Wants You to Buy His Mom's New Album -- See the Adorable Video!


Gwen Stefani really wants you to buy her new album, and so does her youngest son!

The 46-year-old rocker took to Instagram on Thursday to share an adorable video of 2-year-old Apollo encouraging Stefani's fans to go out and buy This Is What the Truth Feels Like.

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Lying on a Star Wars blanket with a binkie in his mouth, Apollo sweetly yells out, "Buy it on iTunes."

His words become a little less mumbled when the "Make Me Like You" singer pulls the pacifier away: "Body, everybody go to the iTunes!"

Even without the cute promotion, Stefani's latest solo album (officially released on Friday) is proving to be a success. Before she posted the video, This Is What the Truth Feels Like had already reached No. 1 on the iTunes charts in multiple countries -- including the United States, Brazil and Canada -- and was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

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The No Doubt frontwoman jumped on social media to retweet fans and show her gratitude to those who had purchased her album.

"Thank u everyone who made me #1 on iTunes! #blownaway #ThisIsWhatTheTruthFeelsLike gx," she tweeted, accompanied with a pic of her and Apollo.

Many of Stefani's fans tweeted her to let her know which track was their favorite off her third solo album, including boyfriend Blake Shelton.

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"Hey @gwenstefani... My favorite song on your album is "Rare".. Just thought I'd let you know," the 39-year-old country crooner wrote.

"hummmm really? Wonder who that one is about?" she replied, teasing that the song may, in fact, be about the "Came Here to Forget" singer, as many fans speculated.

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"Rare" isn’t the only track that appears to be written about Shelton -- the entire album is filled with lyrics that seem to detail her budding relationship with The Voice coach and her heartbreaking split from ex-husband Gavin Rossdale last August.

Watch the video below to hear more on the powerful lyrics.