Joe Giudice Having a Small Party With Family & Friends In Final Days Before Going to Prison

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Joe Giudice is spending his last free days with loved ones.

Before the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is expected to turn himself in on Wednesday to begin his 41-month prison sentence, but before then, a source tells ET the family is having a private party Monday night.

"It's a small, personal party for close family and friends," the source explains. "Not being filmed, it's not a big Housewives production. All the kids will be there and those close to them."

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The gathering comes after a weekend of family bonding, according to another source, who told ET, "Joe and Teresa went down to Virginia this past weekend for [daughter] Gabriella's soccer tournament. They drove Teresa's new Lexus down. Joe stayed at their hotel, the Marriott, on Saturday but came out on Sunday."

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"He sat inside the car the entire game. When it was over, he came out of the car and talked to a few other dads behind the car," the source added. "Then they all got in their car and headed back to New Jersey. The trunk was full of luggage."

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Joe and Teresa were convicted of several fraud changes, including conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and bankruptcy fraud in October 2014. The couple was allowed to serve time separately, so that one of them could be home to take care of their children.

During the couple's last interview before the family is split up again, the 43-year-old Joe told ET's Jennifer Peros the anticipation of his long stint in prison is the most difficult part.

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"I think that's the easy part -- going to jail," Joe said. "I think it's what they put you through before you go. As you know, they try to mentally and physically break you down, you know what I mean? So that's I think the hardest part of everything. I think going to jail is the easy part."

Looming over Joe's prison stint is the apparent possibility of deportation afterwards.

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"Anything can happen, you know? There is nothing in life that is certain," an emotional Joe shared. "We will deal with that when I get out."

And while Teresa plans to visit Joe at least once a week, facing another period of extended separation is weighing heavily on the couple and their four young daughters.

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"I'm going to miss sleeping with him at night and cuddling with him," Teresa told ET. "I mean, he keeps me warm."

Watch below for more of Teresa and Joe's interview.