Kanye West Claims Pablo Pop-Up Shop Sold $1 Million Worth of Clothing in 2 Days

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Kanye West shared a few of his likes and dislikes with his 20 million Twitter followers   on Tuesday night.

The 38-year-old rapper was quite pleased with the success of his Life of Pablo pop-up shop that was open in New York City over the weekend. "They called me crazy and pointed fingers," he wrote. "But there is no other brand that could sell $1 million of clothing in two days from one location!!!"

The bragging didn't stop there. "This is the people, the culture, the dreams, the future," he tweeted. "I promise I will never let the people down. I want a better life for all!!! Pablo Pablo Pablo Pablo!"

Up next, Kanye went on a rant about dreams. "I have a dream," he wrote. "That dreams will actualize. Dreams will manifest."

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The next topic on his Twitter agenda: the truth. "When companies doubt me they doubt us. ...They think we're stupid. They do not know how to communicate," he expressed. "Don't be scared of the truth because we need to restart the human foundation in truth. ...Don't be mad at the truth. When you don't like me you are merely shooting the messenger. ...Don't hide from the truth because it is the only light."

Kanye added: "Everyone has made mistakes. I just make them in public."

After sharing these points of view, the father-of-two was ready to spread the love. "I love you guys. ...I have so much love in my heart and we just need the shot to create live breathe," he tweeted. "I love you."

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But the Yeezus musician didn't love everything. "On another note, I strongly dislike suit jackets. I used the word dislike because I hate the word hate," he continued. "And I used a period because contrary to popular belief I strongly dislike exclamation points!"

Kanye's latest tweeting spree comes a day after his wife, Kim Kardashian, shared video of her husband dancing and singing   at Justin Bieber's Los Angeles show. This is a side of the rapper fans don't usually see. Check it out:

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