7 Times Blake Lively's Instagram Gave Us Serious Hair Goals

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We're all following Blake Lively on Instagram, right?

The 28-year-old actress posted an inspirational call to action for #WomenOfWorth on Friday -- seriously, read the caption -- and, while we certainly love her badass feminism, we also couldn't help but get some serious hair envy looking at this picture.

That is #HairGoals for eons.

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This is hardly the first time we’ve swooned over Blake’s mane. In fact, the Gossip Girl alum's Instagram gives us hair goals on the daily.

1. Like in this picture, where Michael Kors tried to steal focus from Blake's hair and Blake's hair was like, "NOPE. NOT TODAY, MICHAEL KORS."

2. Or here, where she's apparently breastfeeding, but we wouldn't know because we can't focus on anything but that blonde 'do.

3. Half the time she doesn't even show her face in the picture.

4. Blake knows we're here for the hair, and she's OK with that.

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5. How do you even get a bun this tight? This defies the laws of hair physics.

6. OK, this isn't even a humblebrag. This is just a brag.


We get it, Blake!!!

Oh, and lest you think this is all the work of some swanky Hollywood hair stylist, think again. Look at this braid she did for her niece. "I'm my niece's personal hairdresser. (...Don't bother. You can't afford me.)" she wrote.

Blake recently took her lookalike mom to New York Fashion Week. Check out the adorable Lively ladies hitting the red carpet in the video below.