EXCLUSIVE: Amber Heard Can't Wait to Turn 30: 'I'm Excited to Be Even More of a Woman'

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Amber Heard turns 30 next month, and while most of Hollywood is trying to hold on to their youth, Heard is thrilled about saying goodbye to her 20s.

"I'm really excited to be 30," Heard told ET. "I think I've lived enough life in my 20s. I'm looking forward to this new chapter. I'm excited to be even more of a woman. That's what it feels like."

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The Adderall Diaries star will celebrate the milestone birthday on April 22, but don't expect to see any posts from her on Twitter or Instagram. The actress has deliberately chosen to stay away from social media.

"In my life, the most precious thing I can have is my privacy," she said. "I don't have social media, but I understand a lot of people do and why they would. A lot of people find ways to do it for good and control their representations of themselves, which I think celebrities typically have not had."

While Heard's Adderall Diaries co-star, James Franco, is an active social media user, he agreed that privacy is valuable.

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"I think you become incredibly conscious of preserving your privacy as soon as people start wanting to know everything about you," Franco said. "I guess in a way they don't really bother me anymore, because I've sort of accepted that my public persona is something that is not totally of my own making. There are a lot of different outlets and things that contribute to that and so I like that it's a weird mystery."

Their views on public persona and perception play right into the theme of The Adderall Diaries, out April 15. In the film, writer and Adderall enthusiast Stephen Elliott (Franco) begins to spiral when his estranged father resurfaces, claiming that Stephen fabricated much of the dark childhood that fuels his writing.

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"That idea that memory is murky is one of the central themes of the movie," said Franco. "We tell ourselves stories about our own past to become the people we want to be."