William Shatner Sued for $170 Million By Man Claiming to Be His Son

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William Shatner is being sued for $170 million by a man claiming to be the long-lost son of the famous ‘Star Trek’ actor, according to a lawsuit filed in Florida and obtained by ET.

In addition to the financial
demands, Peter Sloan, who now goes by Peter Shatner, filed the suit requesting
the 85-year-old
submit a DNA test to prove he is his biological father,
the lawsuit states.
Sloan, 59, spoke to ET and claimed
his birth mother was late Canadian actress Kathy McNeil, and that she told him
she had an affair with Shatner that resulted in a pregnancy. Sloan alleges
she gave him up for
adoption when he was five days old.
“Over the course of many years, I have done a lot of
research and confirmation and everything is obviously in place,” Sloan told ET.
Sloan went on to detail an alleged
encounter in which he and Shatner met back in 1984.
“I came out to California and met
him in the trailer while he was shooting ‘T.J. Hooker’ and I explained my story
to him,” Sloan claimed.
“He asked, 'What is it that you want?’ and I said, 'All I want is just to
hold my father in my arms.'
He started to cry, I started to cry, he lifted me up and
held me in his arms,” Sloan
Sloan claims that after their
first encounter, Shatner invited him to visit the television set to spend some
time together, which Sloan happily obliged to. However, after about a week’s
time, Sloan claims things changed.

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“I called him and he became very disconcerted and basically hung up on me,” Sloan

“I got a call from a man claiming to represent him saying why he [Shatner] had to take this position and that it
would be devastating for him [Shatner] and me if I went public with this," Sloan added. "He said they
don’t disbelieve me and if I were a minor it would be different.”

After that supposed
Sloan claims Shatner has since denied the allegations.
In the lawsuit, Sloan included a
letter he claims was sent to him in 2011 from Shatner’s attorney, Erik Hyman.
The letter in question read, “I
had another conversation with Bill [Shatner], who confirmed to me once again
that he is not your father. There have been many people over the years who have
claimed to be his children or other relatives. He is an incredibly busy, eighty
year-old man, and is not interested in spending time discussing this issue with
you or any such individuals.”
ET reached out to Hyman for a
response to the allegations but he had no comment.
“I have begged him for a paternity
test since 1984 multiple times,” Sloan said.

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“His attorney had called me asking
why I was posing as Peter Shatner and I said this is the only thing that I am
taking from my father. It
is my birth right name,” Sloan said.

As a result, Sloan also claims
that his Twitter and IMDBpro accounts associated with the name “Peter Shatner”
were shut down.


Sloan launched his own website, PeterShatner.com, where he
details his search for his father, in addition to showcasing two images of him
and Shatner together that were taken at a meet-and-greet event in 2011. Sloan
described the meeting to ET as “emotional.”

Meanwhile, Shatner pinned his own
tweet from May 2015 to the top of his Twitter feed which
states, “My children are my life. I have three kids in total; Leslie, Lisabeth
& Melanie. They are my reason to get up & live each day to the
ET reached out to personal
representatives for Shatner but have not yet received a response.  

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