Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, and James Corden Form Dad Band, Perform 'I'm a Dad' Parody Song


Is this what One Direction will look like when they reunite? On Wednesday night, James Corden gave That ‘70s Show fans a fun reunion with a musical twist. The Late Late Show host opened the sketch by talking about his love for boy bands like 1D, the Jonas Brothers, and O-Town.

“Boy bands, they don’t go away,” he said. “They grow up, and they start families and ultimately they become dads. And they’re not boy bands, they’re dad bands.”

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He then introduced the group “The Puff Daddies” comprised of Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson and Corden, himself. They rolled their strollers onto the stage, carrying fake babies in their baby bjorns and broke into their new song, “I Am a Dad.”

“I don’t play games except for Peek-a-Boo,” Kutcher began. “When I talk about my baby girl, I don’t mean you.”

“I mean my literal baby and that’s a fact, like the sheep goes ‘baah’ and the duck goes ‘quack,’” Corden crooned.

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Then the group belted out the chorus, singing, “’Cause I’m a dad. I’m a dad! And I don’t go to movies. I’m a dad. I’m a dad. I don’t know that song!”


The former co-stars are on screen together again, thanks to Netflix’s The Ranch. ET caught up with the pair at the show’s premiere earlier this week, where Kutcher gushed about their daughter’s blossoming friendship.

"I don't have to force them [to be friends], they just kick it," Kutcher told ET. "They're terrors in the hall. We actually had to calm them down one day because they were bothering the set next door."