Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Kim Kardashian-esque Booty in Bizarre Music Video

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B**ch better have Kylie Jenner's money.

The 18-year-old makeup mogul released a new music video -- or short film? Whatever... -- to promote her upcoming line of lip glosses. The clip consists of her pulling her Rolls Royce (with "KNGKYLIE" plates, naturally) up to a seedy motel, where her Kylie-esque friends proceed to apply excess amounts of lip gloss and steal money from drug dealers? Gangsters? It's unclear.

Kylie acts as the getaway driver, but doesn't even do a very good job, because they get arrested in the end. (Spoiler alert.) It's insane. And basically a knockoff of Beyoncé's On The Run videos. But watch for yourself:

And watch for dat booty tho:

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The video arrives on the heels of Kylie's new Puma ads, which have her posing in a sports bra and tiny shorts. The lip glosses appear to have names such as "Like," "Literally," and "So Cute" and will be available April 1.

The reality star posted a few glamour shots from the shoot on her Instagram:

We have yet to get the answer to the one question we need answered: IS THAT KYLIE SINGING?! Is the song played throughout this "music video" an original recording by Kylie Kristen Jenner? If it is, that makes this so much better.

Now, check out the see-through skirt Kylie rocked on a date night with Tyga in the video below.