Iggy Azalea's Pregnancy Bombshell, John Stamos' Total NSFW Meltdown and Other Star April Fools' Day Jokes

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It's that time of year again....

As comes April, so do the April Fools' Day jokes, and this year, celebrities seem to really be getting in on the fun.

Since nothing is true and everything is a lie for the rest of the day, you might as well enjoy it! Here are some of the most amazing and/or cringeworthy star pranks out there right now.

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John Stamos Has a Documentary, Followed by a Meltdown

The Grandfathered star went in hard for Netflix this year, pulling off not just one, but two pranks for the video streaming service.

First was the announcement of the original documentary, John Stamos: A Human Being, which was probably the biggest heartbreaker of the day, if only because we would literally watch this.

Stamos even joined in for a promo of the "series," which was set to not debut on April 31.

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After that, "viral video" leaked of Stamos going on an absolute tirade in Netflix's offices over his involvement with the site's April Fools' Day joke.

The actor proceeds to go absolutely ballistic in the too-insane-to-be-real NSFW video below.

We've gotta give it up to Stamos and Netflix! The double prank takes a lot of commitment!

Iggy Azalea Is Starting a Family

With all the drama surrounding Iggy Azalea's NBA player fiance Nick Young's alleged cheating confession, we're honestly shocked this is a thing, but Iggy Azalea pulls one over on this iHeart radio interviewer and "announces" she's starting a family.

"I'm being dead serious," the "Fancy" rapper deadpans, before revealing the charade.

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Snoop Dogg Breaks Ground With YouTube

Introducing Snoopavision, which combines 3D immersive video with the iconic West Coast rapper.

"We originally wanted to shoot the 'Gin and Juice' video in 3D, but the technology wasn't there yet," Snoop hilariously says in the pretend product launch.

Gwen Stefani Makes THAT Joke

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"It's a girl," the No Doubt frontwoman wrote, which even on a day like today gave us pause, considering her whirlwind romance with Blake Shelton after divorcing Gavin Rossdale last year.

Mark Zuckerberg Debuts His H&M Collection


All the fashion you'll need on your quest for 1 billion+ friends is seven gray T-shirts, and a pair of jeans.

Again... like with the Stamos documentary, can we maybe get in on this?

Brad Paisley's Controversial New Single

"Excited to announce my next single is 'Cousinly Love' from the just announced new album, Rock Bottom Looks Good on You. Available today."

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Safe to say, we're not expecting this anytime soon.

Harry Styles Is Taking His Talents to Gucci!

Well, One Direction IS going on a break, so the 22-year-old singer could feasibly get into the fashion world. But Fashionista copped to the ruse shortly after publish.

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