EXCLUSIVE: Inside Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell's Life in Denver and Why They'll Be a 'Bachelor' Couple that M

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couple Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are adjusting to life together in Denver, Colorado, and so far, it appears they couldn't be happier with their real-life away from the cameras.

"They are both so in love with each other and will definitely be one of the few couples to make it from the show,” a source tells ET.

And the couple's adorable first week living together just proves how seriously they’re taking their relationship.

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Lauren, who hails from Portland, Oregon, moved to Denver shortly after the Bachelor season finale to be with her 28-year-old fiance, and the couple has already weathered a few bumps in the road with ease. One example? Their first date night became a memorable one when Ben got stuck in the elevator after going to retrieve their car from the parking garage.

The couple took it in stride, and even joked about a firefighter having to pry open the doors for Ben.

"Traumatizing! I'll never forget our first Denver date. @LaurenBushnell3 keeps laughing..." Ben tweeted.

The 25-year-old flight attendant also seems to have no trouble at all seamlessly fitting in with Ben's pals. On Friday, the two had dinner at Bar Dough restaurant with a group of friends, an eyewitness telling ET that Lauren appeared to "get on well with the group," and was laughing and smiling throughout the meal.

And their dates really are the cutest. On Saturday, the two took a couple's cooking class at Cook Street in downtown Denver -- a late birthday gift from Lauren to her man -- enjoying themselves while making ravioli, steak and a heart-shaped birthday cake.

The two were very "upbeat and positive kind people," a source tells ET about their three-hour cooking class, adding that even with no cameras involved, the two were "very lovey" and "really doted on each other."

Most importantly, it also appears the couple knows how to bounce back from intense situations. Shortly after the cooking class, the two were photographed having what appears to be a deep conversation inside Ben's car at Home Depot. The couple remained in the car about 30 minutes and appeared "visibly upset," according to an eyewitness.

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Though once inside the home improvement store, the pair had their arms around one another ... and continued to show a little bit of sweet PDA.

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Later, a shirtless Ben unloaded the items from his car.

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Fun nights in, just relaxing at home are also in the couple's forte. Ben and Lauren kept a low profile for opening day of baseball season on Monday, Ben sweetly massaging Lauren's shoulders.

By the looks of Lauren's most recent Instagram post, the attractive pair just can't to get enough of one another.

When ET caught up with Ben and Lauren last month, the two made it clear that their relationship is now their first priority. "Right now, I am going back to work and focusing on our relationship and moving to Denver," Lauren said of her relocation plans.

"There is one main goal for me now, and that's us, and I think right now, Lauren and I being together is my main concern," Ben also said about not joining this season of Dancing With the Stars, unlike what previous Bachelor stars have done. "I don't think adding too much more to that right now is the right thing."

They also said they both want children, and judging by Lauren's social media, Ben is already preparing! Check him out sweetly feeding Lauren's pal's adorable baby daughter a bottle, kissing her on the forehead.

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"We both want a family, and it's something that we talked about early on, when we met, and I want three kids, two [or] three. ... I don't know how soon that's going to take place, because we also want to enjoy life together," Lauren told ET.

"But it's nothing that we're scared of. We can handle it," Higgins added.

Watch the interview below!