Jacob Tremblay Has an Adorable New Puppy and Needs Your Help With a Name

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Room star Jacob Tremblay warmed our collective hearts on Thursday when he announced on Twitter that he got a new puppy, and needed some help with the name.

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"Please help me name my puppy! #itsagirl," the 9-year-old actor wrote.

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This is too much!

As it turns out, the tiny little K9 already has some famous friends. Tremblay shared a photo on Instagram of his sweet pet meeting Demi Lovato, Charlize Theron and Joe Jonas during the WE Day youth empowerment event in Los Angeles.

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What should the actor name his new puppy friend?!

Earlier in the day, Tremblay spoke to ET's Katie Krause on the WE Day carpet about the furry new addition to his family: "She's very quiet actually. She's not one of those dogs when they play they growl, you know those types of dogs? She plays and she's really quiet. We don't know what her name is yet cause she's so young, she doesn't have a name yet so we're still trying to think."


Perhaps the only thing that possibly rivals this moment in terms of adorableness is when Tremblay met Leonardo DiCaprio.

Watch the video below.