EXCLUSIVE: 'American Idol' Runner-Up La'Porsha Renae on Coming Second: I 'Expected It to Happen'

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Trent Harmon winning the final season of American Idolmay have been a shock to some fans, but there was one person who wasn't surprised at all: runner-up La'Porsha Renae.

Speaking with ET's Sophie Schillaci after the two-hour series finale on Thursday, Renae admitted that she "kind of expected it to happen."

"The person that everyone thinks is gonna win never wins, and the person that everyone thinks is not gonna win, usually does so I wasn't stunned by it," Renae shared.

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The 22-year-old songstress said that she was takes solace in the fact that she got a lot of love and support from Idol alums.

"A lot of the former Idols were voting for me and that makes me feel really good," Renae said. "Kelly Clarkson, Ruben [Studdard], Fantasia all wanted me to win and that touches my heart, so in my heart, I'm OK."

Renae doesn't seem to harbor any ill will toward Harmon. When asked to share her favorite moment from the finale, she replied, "Ironically my favorite moment was when Trent won. He really deserves it. Trent is such a good person."

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In fact, Renae revealed that she fully expects to work with Harmon again in the future.

"We got to! We're from the South. [We should] make a good old Southern album or song," she gushed. Both finalists hail from the Magnolia State -- Renae comes from MaComb in Pike County while Harmon is from Amory, in Monroe County.

"We did say that we wanted to put on a concert for Mississippi to celebrate me and him being the frontrunners of the final season," Renae shared.

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Despite coming in second place, Renae didn't walk away empty-handed. For starters, both she and Harmon were given brand new cars for making it to the final two.

"Me and Trent were talking last night… and he was like, 'Porsha do you realize we got a car? We ain't broke no more!' I was like, 'Yes!' So at this point we literally didn't mind what happened," Renae recounted.

Aside from the car, Renae revealed that she also landed the same recording contract she would have gotten if she had won.

"If I won, I was supposed to be signed to Motown [Records] and I ended up getting signed anyway so I was like, 'Oh my god!'" exclaimed Renae.

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She recounted how, after the show, the producers told her that they had "some good news" for her.

"I'm thinking they're talking about I got a gig or something. They were like, 'Well, you're signed to Motown and Big Machine and 19 Records anyways,' I was like, 'Oh ok, WOW!'"

Throughout the season, Renae proved herself time and time again with a slew of emotional performances that often brought the judges to tears. Check out the video below for a look at Renae's gorgeous, tearful cover of Rihanna's "Diamonds" which she sang in Part 1 of the Idol finale on Wednesday.

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