Gwyneth Paltrow Has Probably Heard Beyonce's New Album, Reveals Her Favorite Song to Dance To

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We all know that Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce are pals, but which of the diva’s songs is Paltrow’s all-time fave?

The actress was a guest on SiriusXM’s My Favorite Song with John Benjamin Hickey this week, where she revealed that her favorite song of all time to dance to, while “not technically” a dance track, is Queen Bey’s “Drunk in Love.”

“I never get sick of this song,” Paltrow gushed. “A song that has this much vibe, I mean, I get chills from this song. It just makes you want to move.”

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Since the release of Beyonce’s surprise single, “Formation,” her fans have been waiting with bated breath for the singer’s new album. While rumors of the release have been circulating for months, the Beyhive is likely anticipating a surprise album drop, similar to the singer’s 2014 self-titled album, which was released without any promotion. Paltrow, however, had the inside scoop!

“She played me the video for this song [‘Drunk in Love’] -- you know she had all the videos done too, before [the album came out] -- and she played me a bunch of the videos before it dropped,” she revealed.

We’re just speculating here, but it sounds like if there is a surprise album planned this time around, Paltrow would have the details.

“I had been with her a lot when she had been working on it,” the actress said of the 2014 release. “I knew kind of the general plan and what she was going to do. I knew there was going to be a surprise.”

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The popularity of Beyonce’s last album, Paltrow said, is a testament to the star power of her friend, as well as the power of fan accessibility.

“It also kind of raises an interesting question about the sort of new autonomy that artists have,” she added. “If you have a platform, you can create your own distribution platform. I mean Beyonce used Apple, but she didn’t have to. She could have done it on her own website and it would have had the same impact.”

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The diva-of-choice for Paltrow’s 11-year-old daughter Apple, however, is Taylor Swift, and the actress opened up about taking her to see the singer’s acclaimed 1989 World Tour.

“You know what was amazing about that concert was it was my first experience of experiencing my daughter completely swept up in something that was her own thing,” Paltrow recalled. “I wasn’t bringing her, she was bringing me. She knew every single word to every deep cut on 1989, and I basically just stood there watching her watch Taylor Swift for the entire concert.”

The mother of two also said she’s happy to have Swift as a role model for her daughter.

“She’s very savvy, she keeps her clothes on, she writes her music,” Paltrow gushed. “She has good values, she’s a good girl. I like Taylor.”

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