Nick Jonas Reveals His First Kiss Was With Miley Cyrus -- and He Had 'Terrible Breath'

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Nick Jonas kisses and tells!

The "Jealous" singer surprised U.K. fans in more ways than one when he picked up a group of students from school for BBC 1's School Run segment, and then spilled some personal details about his love life with radio host Nick Grimshaw.

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Nick revealed that his first kiss came from one of his famous girlfriends. "The first person I kissed was Miley Cyrus and I kissed her outside of California Pizza Kitchen in Hollywood. Very romantic," the 23-year-old star quipped. "I'd just had a pizza that had onions all over it, I'm sure that my breath smelled terrible."

The Jonas brother isn't sure if Cyrus, who he dated from 2006 to 2008, remembers the kiss the same way. "I don't know [if she'd remember]. I'd have to ask her," he added. "But I'm sure she does. It was probably pretty potent."

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He also played a game of "Snog, Marry, Kill" and chose to marry his "good friend" Demi Lovato, found it only "logical" to snog his rumored former flame, Kate Hudson, and killed off Miley.

In January 2015, Nick got candid with another British outlet about his love life being so public at such a young age. "It’s important for anyone to grow, the thing that was strange for me was the emphasis on my sex life at 14, it’s a crazy thing," he said on the Loose Women TV show. "I've seen a lot of my peers struggle with media attention on things that are very personal and that was one."

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Nick wasn't the only star to have his first kiss with Miley. Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey revealed to ET that he too shared a first smooch with the Hannah Montana star when he was just nine years old and working with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, on the show Doc. "We were so damn young… I would get excited when we would hold hands," Posey recalled. "She was herself at seven years old. She knew who she was. I never met anyone like that at my age."