Michael Buble Doesn't Seem to Know How to Eat Corn on the Cob and People Are Seriously Bothered by It


Note to Michael Buble -- you're eating corn on the cob all wrong.

The 40-year-old crooner was spotted at Disneyland on Wednesday, curiously sticking the entire cob of corn in his mouth from the top, as opposed to eating the kernels from the side.

... Maybe he thought he was eating a corn dog?

... Or a banana?

Fern Sharpshooter/Splash News

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Perhaps frustrated with the delicious treat, the "Save the Last Dance for Me" singer threw it away after a few vertical bites, tossing more than half of it.

Apparently, the now-viral photo is seriously bothering people ... so much so that they've taken it upon themselves to Photoshop Buble's eating habits to be more conventional.

"Michael Buble doesn't know how to eat a Corn on the Cob...I mean -- what is he even doing? It's unnerving," one twitter user writes.

When it comes down to it, we just think it's pretty funny.

Corngate aside, Buble appeared to have an amazing time at the happiest place on Earth, judging by this photo of himself giving Chewbacca a big hug.

"My bucket list is complete," he captioned the adorable photo on Instagram. "I love you Chewy ❤”

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Buble chatted with ET Canada last October, when he opened up about his ex, actress Emily Blunt.

"It didn't end because of cheating," Buble said of the relationship. "It ended because we weren't right for each other, and we are now exactly where we're supposed to be in our lives."

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