Kirk Cameron Says Wives Should 'Honor Husbands,' Not Tell Them How to 'Be Better'

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Kirk Cameron is once again back in the news for sharing his views on marriage.

In an interview with the Christian Post, the 45-year-old actor speaks about how a wife should treat her husband. "Wives are to honor and respect and follow their husband's lead, not to tell their husband how he ought to be a better husband," he says. "When each person gets their part right, regardless of how their spouse is treating them, there is hope for real change in their marriage."

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Cameron -- who is participating in the Love Worth Fighting For national marriage tour -- adds, "A lot of people don't know that marriage comes with instructions. And, we find them right there in God's word."

The former Growing Pains star -- who has been married to actress Chelsea Noble, 51, since 1991 -- is also adamant that parents should not get in heated arguments in their children's presence. "When couples start arguing and fighting in front of the kids, dad cuts mom and mom cuts dad and the kids bleed," the father-of-six explains. "They see that and it damages them. When the kids get to marriage, they will follow patterns that they see."

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On Friday's The View, Cameron's sister, Candace Cameron Bure, said she agreed with her brother's comments on avoiding arguments in front of children. She also said that people tend to turn Cameron's conservative Christian comments into headlines.

In her 2014 book, Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose, Bure shared similar views to Cameron on marriage. "The definition I'm using with the word 'submissive' is the biblical definition of that," the Fuller House actress wrote. "So, it is meekness, it is not weakness. It is strength under control, it is bridled strength. And that's what I choose to have in my marriage."

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