Blake Lively Battles a Shark in Gruesome New Full-Length Trailer for 'The Shallows'

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Leave it to Blake Lively to get attacked by a shark and still look ridiculously hot! The now-pregnant actress stars in the upcoming thriller The Shallows about a surfer who gets attacked by a shark in a remote location and has to fight to survive.

In the newly released full-length trailer, Lively’s character Nancy arrives to a picturesque beach location on the other side of the world. She video chats with her sister, saying, “Mom was right. It took forever to find, but it’s perfect.”

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But when she goes out to hit the waves, she’s bitten on the leg by an enormous shark. Most wouldn’t recover from that, but she manages to drag herself onto a nearby rock before the shark can devour her.

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“I’m not dying here,” Nancy says.

Cut to her timing the shark’s attack with her watch as she fights her way out. Sure, she’s in a bright orange bikini most of the time, adding to the damsel in distress horror movie aesthetic, but this is Lively as we’ve never seen her before. (Slightly more intense than Serena Van Der Woodsen at a Barney’s sample sale.)

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It was recently revealed that Lively is pregnant with her second child, after photos surfaced of the actress filming reshoots on The Shallows set in a wetsuit. She has yet to confirm the news herself.

The Shallows hits theaters on June 29.