'Captain America' Cast Challenges Jimmy Fallon to a Game of 'Musical Beers' on 'The Tonight Show'


Don’t get caught without a cup! On Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon invited some of the cast of Captain America: Civil War to play a game of “Musical Beers.”

Questlove played music as the stars circled a table with red solo cups filled with beer. Once the music stopped, they were forced to grab a cup and drink and the person without a cup was eliminated.

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Though Jeremy Renner and his co-star Paul Bettany got eliminated relatively quickly, Fallon found his biggest competition in Elizabeth Olsen and actor Sebastian Stan. Stan wouldn’t let himself be defeated, racing around the table and even spitting back his drink after misjudging the cut music. (And Fallon had to drink the backwash!)

Ultimately, Fallon won on a technicality (once again Stan thought the music had stopped when it hadn’t), much to the hunky actor’s dismay.

That same night the cast attended the New York City premiere of the highly anticipated Marvel superhero film.

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ET caught up with star Robert Downey Jr. on the red carpet where he revealed that he’d give his wife, Susan, a “hall pass” with one of his Civil War co-stars.

"I'm gonna go [Paul] Bettany, you know?" admitted Downey Jr., referring to the actor who voiced Iron Man's computer side-kick Jarvis and now stars as The Vision in Marvel's superhero saga. "He's got that European, British flair."

Watch the clip now for more of RDJ’s interview!