EXCLUSIVE: Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson Can't Stop Gushing Over 'Rare' Family Reunion Ahead of Mother's Day

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Goldie Hawn is feeling the love!

Dressed in a bright pink suit and purple sweetheart top, the 70-year-old First Wives Club star was all smiles as she posed for photographers with her family by her side at her Annual Love In For Kids charity event in Beverly Hills, California, on Friday.

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ET's Lauren Zima spoke with Goldie on the red carpet, where she couldn't stop gushing over the "rare" family reunion, as her longtime partner, Kurt Russell, her three children, Kate Hudson, Oliver Hudson and Wyatt Russell, and five of her grandchildren were all in attendance.

"Aren't they so cute!" Goldie said of her grandkids. "Yeah, this is great. We're not always at the same place -- Katie travels, Kurt is making a movie now."

"This is always a blessing when we're all together in one place," she added. "So even though there are five planets in retrograde now, the stars are aligned somewhere!"

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Kate also chimed in on how wonderful it was to have the whole gang at one event.

"It's great. My mom has been doing [this] for almost 20 years," she told ET. "It's been an amazing journey for her. It's very rare that the whole family would come and support like that, to be publicly like this. This is something that is so precious to my mom."

"We all just decided this was a really good opportunity to show our support and all the amazing work that she's doing," she continued, referring to her mother's MindUP program, a research-based training program focusing on social and emotional learning skills for educators and children. "This curriculum is reaching a lot of children. Over 600,000 children, and it just keep growing and growing. It's amazing what she's done."

Amazing, indeed! But do Kate's own kids, 12-year-old Ryder and 4-year-old Bingham, understand the magnitude of their grandmother's efforts or their mother's fame?

"I don't think so. This [red carpet] is also not that overwhelming," the Mother's Day star explained. "It's a few of us here, but I think when the whole family is together, you just don't really think about any of that stuff. It's just fun for us all to be together."

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Goldie's big event comes just ahead of Mother's Day, and according to Kate, she and her mom have some low-key ideas lined up.

"I think we're going to [celebrate] at either my house or Ollie's house," the 37-year-old actress told ET. "We don't know yet, but it will be the whole family. We do it every year."

Kurt, on the other hand, already has his plans set on how he’ll honor his girl, Goldie, on Sunday.

"She'll get breakfast in bed," he spilled. "That she knows."

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Kate has a feeling that her two sons will also be delivering some presents to her bedroom.

"They usually make things at school, and they're really good," she revealed. "They usually make me breakfast in the morning. Ryder likes to make cappuccinos. He's my little barista! So he'll make me a cap. Bing likes to bring flowers to mommy a lot. He does that almost on a daily basis. He's a little romantic lover."

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How cute is that?!

If you're following Kate on Snapchat, you probably already know that is a very true statement -- she frequently posts videos of her adorable boys doing super cute things to her story. In fact, before heading to the event, she Snapchatted herself telling her boys to quiet down in the car.

"You're too loud!" she joked, using the hilarious country accent she occasionally talks in while filming vids on the app.

She also shared a series of pics and videos from the soiree, including a precious one of her mom busting out some dance moves on stage.

"Go mama!!!" she captioned it.


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Last month, ET chatted with Kate in New York City, where she revealed she's planning to give Goldie a heartwarming letter on Mother's Day. "Mom likes [sentimental], meaningful things," she said. "Really, just all of us being together makes all of us happy."

Find out more about her Mother's Day plans in the video below.