EXCLUSIVE: Gregory Peck's Grandson Ethan Peck Wants to Forge His Own Path in Hollywood, Hopes to Play Batman

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Actor Ethan Peck may be the grandson of Hollywood screen legend Gregory Peck, but the rising star says he doesn't feel like he's confined to following in the Oscar winner's footsteps.

"[My career] feels like very much my own thing," Peck recently told ET's Denny Directo. "I feel like I discover more about him through myself.

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However, while he's determined to forge his own path, the 30-year-old star says he doesn't mind being compared to his famous grandfather.

"I'm really honored," Peck said. "I think when I was a little bit younger it felt a little more burdensome. Now I just feel like, 'How lucky to be born in to this body and this city and this life.' You know what I mean? The circumstances could be very different."

In his new film, The Curse of Sleeping Beauty, Peck plays Thomas Kaiser, a man who inherits something very different than leading man good looks. Instead, Kaiser is saddled with a mysterious ancestral home that bears and ancient curse.

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Describing the "super dark" fantasy thriller, Peck teased, "Things get weird."

While Peck is excited for his twisted fairytale film, and was recently chosen as the new face of Ferragamo, he revealed his dream of what iconic character he hoped to play in the near future.

"[I'm] just trying to play Batman in the next five years," Peck shared.

The Curse of Sleeping Beautyis in theaters now and on VOD on May 17th!

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