Zac Efron Is Hotter Than Ever in 'Men's Fitness' Magazine, Jokes He's 'Still That F**king Kid From High School

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WARNING: The pictures you're about to see of Zac Efron are sizzling hot. So hot, we're officially dubbing these the sexiest snaps of him ever.

Sporting a pair of Baldwin distressed denim jeans and a fitted navy blue Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt, the 28-year-old actor shows off his incredible pecs on the cover of the June issue of Men's Fitness magazine.

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Men's Fitness

Inside the glossy, the heartthrob gives fans another peek at his chiseled physique, clutching his fists while modeling a wetsuit on the beach. Efron credits his intense diet and fitness routine for his hotter-than-ever figure, which he started in preparation for his highly anticipated role as Matt Brody in the big-screen reboot of Baywatch.

Men's Fitness

"It's been a pretty gnarly schedule," Efron, who's been filming scenes for the adaptation of the '90s TV series in Savannah, Georgia, says. "Right now I'm probably the physically strongest I've ever felt."

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"Not in terms of bench press or how much I can squat, but in how quickly I could get out of this room and destroy everything in my path," he jokes. "If the zombie apocalypse happened right now, I'd definitely be able to defend myself."

Efron says he's come a long way since he first became famous, appearing as the handsome jock Troy Bolton in Disney's High School Musical franchise. But Efron admits that no matter how hard he tries to let go of his teen idol status, he'll forever be remembered for once playing that iconic, cheesy character.

"The second we finished the first [movie], I was, like, 17," he explains. "And I said, 'Guys, you know this is not at all what I want to do?' And they were like, 'Really?'"

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"I step back and look at myself and I still want to kick that guy's a** sometimes," he adds. "Like, f**k that guy. He's done some kind of cool things with some cool people -- he did that one thing [Neighbors] that was funny -- but, I mean, he's still that f**king kid from High School Musical."

"I know that's how people think, and it's in the back of my mind all the time," Efron continues. "I ultimately want that person to want to see me in another interesting role. And that can only come with time, respect and making decisions that are hard."

One person he knows that undoubtedly respects him, however, is his Baywatch co-star, Dwayne Johnson. Efron says that while his personal workout regimen usually begins at 5 a.m., the Rock is already up and ready to go one hour earlier.

"[Dwayne's] getting less sleep than I am and he already did a post on Instagram at 5:30, doing the most ridiculous leg day you've ever seen," he reveals. "He's reached nirvana -- muscle nirvana."

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Back in March, ET was with Efron on the set of the reboot, where he and Johnson couldn't stop gushing over each other's incredibly hot bodies.

Hear the compliments the two exchanged in the video below.