EXCLUSIVE: Todrick Hall Gives Behind-The-Scenes Look at New Song for 'Sing It,' Talks Working With 'Idol' Beyo

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Todrick Hall is once again taking internet by storm with his new YouTube Red series Sing It, and the 31-year-old phenom took ET behind the scenes of his new music video for his parody song "Steak and Eggs."

In the series, Hall plays Milo, a guest judge on a popular reality singing competition who became a popstar for his one-hit-wonder -- which happens to be "Steak and Eggs." Hall spoke with ET's Denny Directo about his involvement in the series.

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"My character is kind of an has-been artist who had a hit single that was like, I feel like it was back in the ‘90s -- it's kind of like a Sisqo situation," Hall explained. "Like everyone knows the ‘Thong Song.’ This is like the ‘Thong Song’ of Sing It."

Hall also opened up about what drew him to the story of a fictional singing show, explaining, "A lot of people don't know the politics and the crazy shenanigans that happen behind the scenes of these really successful hit shows like The Sing Off, X Factor, American Idol, you name it… I think this is really cool because it gives audiences a peak behind the curtain of what actually happens to make these people win or lose these shows."

The viral video star has come a long way since his own time as an Idol hopeful back when he made it to the Top 16 during Season 9. His YouTube channel has over 330 million views and his videos have also gotten the attention of the queen herself: Beyonce.

"Beyonce is so sweet and she's been such a huge idol for me," Hall shared. "Had it not been for YouTube or projects like this, Beyonce wouldn't have found me and I wouldn't have gotten to choreograph for her and I probably wouldn't have been invited to the Formation Tour."

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Hall is getting ready to kick off his own tour, Straight Outta Oz, which will feature some of his most popular parody and tribute songs. Hall told ET of his first national tour, "This my favorite thing I've ever done, and I'm really proud of it."

Sing It premieres May 25 on YouTube Red. You can watch the first episode for free here. while Halls' Straight Outta Oz Tour kicks off July 7.

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