Hillary Clinton Plays 'Who'd You Rather?' on 'Ellen,' Picks Tony Goldwyn Over Bernie Sanders, Talks Beyonce's


Hillary Clinton, who is the Democratic frontrunner in the 2016 presidential race, had a little fun picking a potential Vice Presidential nominee during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday. 

In a game of “Who’d You Rather?: VP Edition,” Clinton went through a series of possible candidates with the host. After picking current VP Joe Biden at first, she quickly switched to Scandal star and President Fitzgerald Grant actor Tony Goldwyn.

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“Gotta go with Tony!” she said over and over as the actor went up against other potentials like Kanye West and even Clinton’s current Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders.

She didn’t veer away from the ABC star until he came up against George Clooney – the Oscar winner who recently hosted a fundraiser for Clinton.

“Tony could be the first term and George could be the second,” she quipped.

After that Clooney had a strong lead until he went up against Beyonce.

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“I really believe in making Lemonade out of lemons, so…,” she teased, referencing Beyonce’s new visual album about an unfaithful husband. DeGeneres also put up the new viral sensation, Chewbacca Mom, which made Clinton laugh, saying, “I’d stick with Beyonce, but I would like Chewbacca Mom around.”

Beyonce’s only competition? First Lady Michelle Obama!

“She’d be great!” the former First Lady said of Michelle. “Talk about somebody well-prepared.”

Watch the clip to see who Clinton ultimately picks, and the other one to see SNL star Kate McKinnon impersonate both Hillary and Ellen!