EXCLUSIVE: Inside Nick Carter's Life as a New Dad -- Diaper Changing and All

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Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and wife Lauren welcomed their first baby last month -- a boy named Odin Reign -- and the happy couple shared how the bundle of joy has changed their life in an exclusive sit-down with ET.

Like most new parents, neither of them is getting much rest, but the sleepless nights are nothing compared to the stress of Lauren's 30-hour labor. The couple went the natural route with a home water birth.

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"We made the decision we wanted to do a home birth from researching and going and interviewing the hospital and watching a hospital-type birth verses a home birth," said Lauren. "We went to tons of classes together for different techniques, from changing diapers to breathing through the birth itself, so the whole experience was a nine-month process. For me, it was enlightening and wonderful."

Lauren explained that had she given birth in a hospital, she probably would have done a C-section due to the length of her labor and the size of the baby. Odin came into the world at 8 pounds, 11 ounces and 20 inches long.

Odin was born at a size fit for his grandiose namesake. The parents revealed to ET that their son's name was inspired by shows like Vikings and Game of Thrones.

"Odin is not one of the characters, but it's known to the Vikings as a very powerful name," Nick told ET. "Lauren had made the suggestion of it. We wanted something unique and that hadn't necessarily been used that much. I really liked it."

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"Odin is the king of all the Vikings, and Reign would be like Odin's Reign -- his Reign over his time on Earth," Lauren elaborated.

Nick is already indoctrinating Odin with the family's love of fantasy. The day after Odin was born, Nick started reading him The Lord of the Rings.

"In the book, I will sing him the poems," Nick said, although he admitted they aren't perfectly "set up" for singing.

"They don't have melodies, but they are written in the poetic format," Lauren explained.

"I'm determined to make sure he is an intelligent child," Nick added.

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Nick might be raising a bookworm, but he won't be dull. Odin is already exhibiting a sense of humor during changing time.

"For some reason, [Odin] likes to pee all over the place when [Nick] changes him," Lauren said.

"I do not mind at all changing diapers," Nick added. "I don't think she wants me to change them as much because I am not as good as her in that."

Nick's life today is a far cry from what it was when the first Backstreet Boys album dropped two decades ago. After finishing second on season 21 of Dancing With the Stars, it looked like the 36-year-old singer had beaten his drug and alcohol demons until his alleged bar brawl in January and subsequent arrest for suspicion of misdemeanor battery.

"It was our baby moon," Nick revealed. "We had just flown in and [Lauren] was like, 'Go out and have some fun.' You know? Do what everybody else does. Obviously I couldn't do what everybody else does. For me, especially having a child now, it was an awakening moment for me."

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While Nick and Lauren continue to figure out child rearing, they've already discovered new things about each other over the past nine months. Lauren told ET the biggest thing she's learned about Nick through this experience is "his willingness to jump right in."

"He's not grossed out by anything," Lauren said. "There's no secrets between us after watching his wife give birth."