Squee-Worthy 'Finding Dory' Clip Reveals the Return of Two Fan-Favorite Characters


The latest trailer for Finding Dory didn't just make us feel all the feels, it also teased the return of two of our favorite characters from the first film.

Now, a gnarly new clip from the film delivers on that blink-and-you-miss-it sneak peek: Yep, Crush and Squirt, the sickest turtles in all the sea, are back to assist Dory, Nemo and Marlin on their adventure. Even better: there's an entire pod of adorable baby turtles this time around!

Hold on tight and check it out below:

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Another clip reveals Dory's (Ellen DeGeneres) first encounter with Hank the septopus (voiced by Modern Family's Ed O'Neill) at the Marine Life Institute, where our favorite forgetful fish gets a bit of upsetting news.

DeGeneres previously opened up to ET about how Finding Nemo came along at a time in her life when she was at her lowest.

"I hadn't worked at all," she explained. "People don't realize that, because it took three years to do Finding Nemo. In the time that [The Ellen Show] was canceled, while I was doing nothing, [director] Andrew Stanton had heard my voice on TV and how rambling I was and how I never stayed on topic, and he wrote Dory with me in mind."

Hear more of what she exclusively told ET in the video below.