Shaquille O'Neal Hilariously Went 'Undercover' as a Lyft Driver and This Is What Happened

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When you're as recognizable as Shaquille O'Neal, going undercover is a tall order.

Regardless, the 7'1 retired NBA superstar decided to team up with Lyft and give it a shot for their Undercover Lyft web series, rocking ridiculous disguises while he helped passengers get where they needed to be, with some pretty amazing results.

Remarkably some passengers actually seem unaware that one of the most recognizable former basketball players in the world is giving them a ride, and the 44-year-old pro seems delighted to keep up the ruse.

"You know anything about free throws?" Shaq asks one passenger during their trip, before giving her some pointers on the fundamental shot. "You just learned from the greatest free throw coach of all time."

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For those less-well-versed in NBA history, Shaq gained a reputation for being a notoriously bad shot from the free throw line.

But the best part, of course, had to be the Shaq reveals.

Watch below:

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It seems to us like O'Neal is pretty good at this whole Lyft thing!

But while Shaq was pulling one over on his passengers, rapper Kanye West once skipped his Uber ride entirely to grab a lift from the paparazzi.

Watch the video below.