Lena Dunham On 'Dream' Wedding Plans With Beau Jack Antonoff: 'We Want Our Two Sisters in Tuxedos'

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After vowing not to tie the knot until same-sex couples could -- which became a reality a year ago this month -- Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff have yet to announce a date for their big day. But that doesn't mean they're not planning their walk down the aisle!

In a new interview with ET contributor Chris Azzopardi for PrideSource, the Girls star revealed that she and Antonoff have already considered the wedding attire for their sisters, Grace Dunham and Rachel Antonoff.

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"Jack and I have talked about it and we've always said that when we get married we want our wedding party to just be our two sisters in tuxedos," Dunham said. "Jack has a straight sister, I have a queer sister; they'd be our best men / women and we'll call it a day. That's our dream."

Until that day comes, Dunham, 30, says she's referring to Antonoff, 32, as her "partner" because of her closeness to the LGBT community.

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"I use partner because I like it," she said. "We're not married, but also, he's not my boyfriend. I feel like it's another one where I'm like, I'm kind of down with the queer community. I have my partner! He's my partner!"

Last year, Dunham sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and told the talk show host that she's "excited to marry" Antonoff. See the video below for more. 

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