UPDATE: Everything We Know About Christina Grimmie's Tragic Death

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Christina Grimmie, YouTube sensation and a contestant on season six of The Voice, died at age 22 after being shot while signing autographs for fans following a concert in Orlando, Florida, on Friday. Now, ET has learned new details on what happened at Plaza Live.

The Orlando Police Department released the name and driver's license photo of the 27-year-old shooter, Kevin James Loibl of St. Petersburg, Florida, via Twitter at 4:30 p.m. ET on Saturday.

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The OPD held a media briefing Saturday morning, at which time they did not identify Loibl's name, but explained that "the suspect traveled to Orlando apparently to commit this crime, and then had plans to travel back to where he came from."

The shootings occurred around 10:30 p.m. local time during a meet and greet following Grimmie's performance with pop-rock band Before You Exit. Approximately 120 people were inside the venue at the time. When police arrived to the scene, they found two people had been shot.

Grimmie was rushed to the Orlando Regional Medical Center. According to an employee at the hospital, Grimmie died shortly after she was brought to the ER.

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Mina revealed that the suspect was carrying two handguns, two additional loaded magazines for the handguns, and a large hunting knife. He was at the venue alone, and used a small caliber handgun to fire shots at Grimmie.

"Almost immediately, her brother, Marcus Grimmie, tackled the suspect to the ground," Mina said. "Shortly after that, the suspect killed himself. And obviously as we know, unfortunately, Christina Grimmie succumbed to those gun shots wounds and passed."

"Her brother is a hero and possibly saved countless other lives," a tweet posted by the Orlando Police Department during the press conference read. "He is not injured."

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ET spoke with Joshua Call -- who was working at Dixie Dharma, a vegan hot dog cart, outside the venue when the gunman opened fire -- on Saturday. He described the terrifying scene, realizing something wasn't right when he "heard four loud pops sound like gunshots" and then saw people run out of the main lobby and the front doors.

Call ran inside the venue to see if he could help, which is when he spotted Grimmie by the merch tables. "I looked down, and I see a gentleman -- I believe he was working security that night -- performing CPR on Christina," he told ET. "It was not a good sight."

Call also noted that he looked to the right, where he saw a man he presumed to be the shooter "face down in a pile of his own blood." "I couldn't really make out his face because it appeared as though he shot himself," he explained.

A prayer group made up of girls who had been at Grimmie's Friday night show formed at Lake Eola Park, about two miles from The Plaza Live, to hold a small vigil on Saturday. "We just decided today that we would meet here and honor her and her beautiful life, her kind soul," Ashley Durkot, one of the attendees, told ET.

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Durkot said the gunman had been right behind her and her friends at the meet-and-greet. "We were waiting in line to meet Christina. We were super excited," she said. "We were standing right in front of him. I looked at him. I smiled. I was like, 'He looks really nervous. He must be a really big fan.' Then we walked away. Not even 20 seconds [later, we heard] three gunshots, and she was on the ground, and we just ran."


Delaney Shawgo, another girl in the prayer circle, started crying while speaking with ET about witnessing the shooting. "She just really loved what she did, and the fact that someone could take that away from her... But I was so happy to have seen her and got experience her doing that," she said of Grimmie. "I know she made so many other people happy. I know her legacy is going to live on forever even if she can't. She'll always be here with us."


John Casebier, the Chair, Board of Directors for the Plaza Life Foundation, issued a statement on behalf of the board and staff at the Plaza Live, noting how "deeply saddened" they were by Friday's tragic events and that all activities and events at the venue have been suspended until further notice.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those lost as well as those that witnessed and aided in the recovery after this senseless act," he told ET in a statement. "We are closely working with The Orlando Police Department on this active law enforcement investigation and therefore necessarily defer specific questions to OPD's Public Information Officer."

The case is currently under investigation. At this time, there is no information on whether or not the suspect knew Grimmie personally.

Early reports claimed that the shooter may have been an ex-boyfriend of Grimmie's, but her friend, Selena Gomez's drummer Steven J. Robinson, told ET that the alleged rumor hadn't been proven and was taken out of context. "We will let the authorities handle who the man was and his reasoning for committing such a heartbreaking crime," he said. "At this time, we will respect the privacy of Christina's friends and family and keep our spirits high."

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Detectives are meeting with the late singer's family and will also be searching the suspect's cell phone and computer to see if they can find a motive for the crime. 

In addition, Gomez's stepfather, Brian Teefey, created a Go Fund Me account in honor of the late singer to help her family.

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