Matt LeBlanc Races James Corden on Children's Scooters: Watch Now!


How you drivin’? On Tuesday night, Friends alum Matt LeBlanc visited The Late Late Show. LeBlanc and British host James Corden have a lot in common these days now that the actor now hosts the U.K. racing show, Top Gear.

So to keep him on his toes, Corden decided to host his own race (with a twist!) inside his CBS studio.

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“I have challenged Matt to a Top Gear-inspired race using these state-of-the-art children’s scooters,” Corden said, sitting atop a lavender-colored tiny scooter with a British flag on the front. “It’s time for Bottom Gear!”

LeBlanc rode on the same scooter with an American flag out front and both men attached GoPro cameras to their helmets.

They then “sped” off through the studio, dodging silly string, foam blocks and water balloons. Ultimately, LeBlanc passed Corden and won the race, which shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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The Episodes star revealed that he set a track record on Top Gear while Corden admitted that when he was on the show he came in 75th.

When asked about driving the U.K. versus America, LeBlanc said, “The roads [in America] are so much wider. In the U.K., in London, the roads are so narrow because they were built for horses and carts, I guess. So here if you make a mistake and go wide you’ll maybe hit a tree and some bushes. Over there you get wide you hit a thousand-year-old church!”

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