Piers Morgan Says He Was Seated in Front of Brad Pitt on Flight, Jokes About His 'Celebrity Status'

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Piers Morgan was on cloud nine when he learned that he had been seated ahead of Brad Pitt on a British Airways flight.

"So Brad Pitt just got on my @British_Airways plane to London. He's in seat 6F, I'm in 1A," the 51-year-old TV personality tweeted on Monday. "This settles my celebrity status once and for all."

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Upon seeing the message, the airline playfully quipped back that there was a mix-up in the seating arrangements. "Ooops, seems like we made a mistake there," British Airways responded. "Piers! Any chance you could swap with him?"

This was apparently a star-studded flight. In a later tweet, Morgan claimed that both Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, and soccer pro, Jack Butland, were also on the plane.

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Butland set the record straight about where he was sitting after Morgan alleged he was "somewhere in the back."

"Not that far back, 4A to be precise, had to look at the back of your head for two hours! Thank god I slept!," he tweeted. Morgan wrote back, "My apologies...two rows ahead of Brad Pitt and only three rows behind me. Congrats mate."

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Morgan doesn't hold back when it comes to calling out stars on his Twitter feed. After this year's SAG Awards, a social media feud erupted between him and Susan Sarandon after he called her cleavage-baring top worn at the awards show "inappropriate."

"[He] has way too much time on his hands, obviously," Sarandon quipped to ET about Morgan's reaction to her outfit. "I love the solidarity of women that came forward."

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