Bella Thorne Agrees With the #AskHerMore Awards Show Campaign -- But Still Wants to Fangirl Over the Gowns!

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Despite the push behind the #AskHerMore campaign around awards season, Bella Thorne has a more moderate point of view on the issue.

The 18-year-old actress and singer admitted to Galore that she loves fangirling over the stars' gowns, especially at the Oscars.

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"I really like to know what people are wearing," Thorne said.

The popular initiative, created by the Representation Project, claims that men are asked more "creative" questions when approached by reporters on red carpets, while women are only questioned about their clothing and accessories.

Thorne agrees with #AskHerMore, but she doesn't want to do away with fashion questions all together.

"Ask more for sure," she said. "Ask about the roles and what you have coming up, but totally, I do want to know what they're wearing."

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Thorne showed off her own flare for fashion in her photo shoot for Galore. She shared pictures from the shoot on Instagram, featuring herself in a bikini.

"I guess I'm @galore's summer time crush," she wrote. "Thanks for the cover boo :) @instamaxmonty and @amberasaly for killing it on the bts photos."