Kris Jenner Recalls Visiting Crime Scene After Nicole Brown Simpson's Murder: 'I Think I See Blood'

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Renewed interest toward the O.J. Simpson murder trial may have simmered slightly since The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story's finale in April, but for Kris Jenner -- who was best friends with Nicole Brown Simpson, while ex-husband Robert Kardashian was part of O.J.'s defense team -- haunting memories will never go away.

In a new deleted scene from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris shares a rare story about visiting Nicole's house after she was murdered there, revealing some pretty eerie details.

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"So tell me, what do you think of the series of the O.J. trial?" Kris' mom ,MJ, presses while at lunch with the reality star and her boyfriend, Corey Gamble. "I think it's so good!"

"I think it's great!" Gamble says.

"I think it's so good, because they're actually telling the truth," MJ explains.

"Do you remember the story, when Nicole's mom called me and said, 'Can you go and get all of Sydney and Justin's stuff out of their room?'" Kris asks. "LAPD left the blood on the steps and it was going all down the front of the house. And so after they had finished doing their stuff, I said, 'Somebody’s got to wash it off.'"

"I know you did," MJ says.

"So they had fingerprinted the house. I had never been to a crime scene before, so I didn’t know what 'fingerprinting' really would entail," the Kardashian matriarch continues. "I open the door, and I almost fainted because the whole house was black. So I start looking around. This was like this was frozen in f**king time, and I've got to get all this to her mom's house. And then I get to Sydney's room, and on the -- you know, it’s a four-poster bed, and on two of the posters -- there was like a handprint, and it was red. And I went, 'I think this is blood.'"

"So I called Marcia Clark, and I go, 'Oh my God, I think I see blood,'" Kris states. "They had forensic scientists within 30 minutes after we got there, and they did this analysis. She goes, 'I'm going to call you back as soon as I can.'"

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As for how the test came back? "They rush it to the lab, they come back, they call me, and they go, 'It was Jello.'"

Watch the whole thing in the video below:

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