Demi Lovato Goes on Another Rant Days After Returning to Twitter, Takes Aim at Tabloids and Celebrity Culture

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Demi Lovato sure knows how to make a comeback!

Just three days after she announced she was quitting Twitter -- and two days after she returned to the social media site -- the singer has come back with a vengeance, in the form of a good old Twitter rant.  

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"The world is weird," Lovato posted to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon, foreshadowing a rant we all should have seen coming. 

"I bet our country knows more about celebrities than they know about what's happening over seas or global warming," she wrote.

"We complain about how unfair paparazzi and tabloid rumors are but still buy the magazines to find out who's f**king who and who wore it best," the 23-year-old "Stone Cold" singer stated. 

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The star then decided to take an absolutely hilarious poll from her followers. "How many people can name someone on the FBI's top 10 most wanted list?" Lovato's poll asked, listing the possible choices, "Can name 1 or more," "What's that," and "Can name all Biebers exes." 

But as everyone knows, no Twitter rant is complete without getting to the bottom of these serious questions. "Is it our fault though? Has society fed into it or is this just easy business with everyone from blogs to magazines trying to cash in?" Lovato followed up. 

"Who's fault is it that teens can name more celebrity feuds than wars?" she asked.

We're still not sure if that last question was meant to be rhetorical, or if Lovato's just taking her time creating another poll. 

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